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A space where you would want to live here.


A rental villa “Villa Yoshii” is open on the second floor of a machiya with white walls,only 2 minutes’ walk from the Yoshii Ryokan main building. It is something different from the ryokan, and can be rented out to spend time on your own.
There is a kitchen and dining room for your own use, and selected furnishings for a relaxing stay.
You can also order separately meals made at Yoshii Ryokan’s main building.
Please enjoy the space created by the landlady with the theme of “I want to live here.

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Living room to enjoy
coffee and drinks
that make you forget
about the time.


The open space with high ceilings.
Here you can relax and chat, cook your own food, or enjoy a drink.

Room size: 1nine-tatami room and porch. No smoking

Room amenities
TV, Telephone, Kettle, Refrigerator, Safety box, Hair dryer, Toilet with washlet, air purifier with humidifier, free internet access (wi-fil)

Furnishings selected
by the landlady

  • Space furnished
    with Hida furniture
  • Kurashiki Knotting
  • The best through
    careful selection

Introduction of kitchen amenities

  • Induction cookerWe have three induction cookers so that you can cook safely without using fire.
  • Various tablewarePots, pans, dishwashers, and various types of tableware are available.
    Dish made
    by Kaitaro Kojima

A Japanese-style space
to relieve daily fatigue

Bedroom (Japanese style room)

The theme of this room is “comfortable sleep,” and we have carefully selected bedding and chairs so that you can relax.
A bed has been installed in this Japanese-style room, incorporating Western conveniences. The “Serta” bed is the result of the pursuit of ideal sleeping comfort.
A retro rocking chair is placed by the bedside.
We have created a space where you can rest your body and mind.

Capacity: 2~4 persons. Room size: 1nine-tatami room and porch. No smoking

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Bathing time under the skylight


The bath is a unit bath, but in a style unlike any other, with hot water flowing over the shoulders.We designed it in this way so that you can take their time and relax after a long day.
Also,when you look up at the ceiling, you can see a glass-walled landscape. If you take a morning bath, you can relax under the natural light. You can relax while looking at the sky.


How to check-in
Please check-in at the Yoshii Ryokan main building. I wonder if you could have one representative come. Staff will then show you around.

Parking lot guide
There is a contracted parking lot within a 3-minute walk from Yoshii Ryokan. Please use Google Maps to search for “Yoshii Ryokan Second Parking Lot”. I would appreciate it if you would use parking lot No.3 of there.


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